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Episode 1 (20 minutes): The Power of Addiction
In this episode we explore and help you understand why tobacco is so addictive.

Episode 2 (20 minutes): Tobacco and Mental Health
In this episode we look at the connection between tobacco use and mental health.

Episode 3 (20 minutes): Influence and Predatory Practices of the Tobacco Industry
In this episode we shine a light on big tobacco in the US and how they targeted communities.

Episode 4 (20 minutes): What is your why?
In this episode we explore one of the most important questions you will ask yourself in your journey – What is your why?

Episode 5 (20 minutes): Coping Skills and Relapse
In this episode we explore the most common symptoms of withdrawal and how you can fight back with coping skills. We also talk about how to think about and handle relapse – because it happens and that’s okay!

Episode 6 (20 minutes): Rewarding yourself through your quit journey
In the final episode of the podcast we talk about rewarding yourself – taking the time to celebrate your successes throughout your quit journey!